The Firm has been involved in a wide variety of construction defect disputes, from complex litigation arising out faulty trade work in the construction of multifamily complexes to smaller matters concerning defective work performed on private residences. The firm also has experience both prosecuting and defending claims of professional negligence against architects and engineers on construction projects.


The Firm handles disputes among participants in all stages of the construction process, including representation of engineers, architects, general contractors, developers, land owners and subcontractors. This includes disputes regarding contract performance, interpretation, and enforcement.


Texas law provides those who perform work on construction projects, usually suppliers, distributors, fabricators, subcontractors, laborers and general contractors, a variety of options to protect their right to payment, with one of the most effective being the ability to place a mechanic’s and materialman’s lien on a project. However, Texas lien laws are difficult to understand and follow, often change, and are filled with requirements and deadlines that must be followed in order to file a valid lien. It is vitally important for a party performing work or providing materials on a construction project to know these applicable laws and deadlines at the beginning, middle and end of a project. Not only does the Firm provide counsel to its clients to make sure that no deadlines are missed, it asserts and enforces lien rights on behalf of its clients to ensure prompt payment of all amounts owed for work performed. Further, properly filed mechanic’s liens can confer secured creditor status to a subcontractor, putting its payment claims ahead of unsecured parties who have not filed a lien, and a properly filed mechanic’s lien can result in quicker payment of retainage at the end of a project.