The Firm the experience of nearly a decade as the Outside General Counsel of a premier sports sanctioning body, which includes extensive experience in bylaw construction, rule construction, venue negotiation, insurance, television, streaming, IP, anti-trust, large transaction negotiation, sponsorship, trademark…and the list goes on. If a client needs any sports related counsel, the Firm has the experience necessary to handle it.


The Firm has defended, prosecuted and designed sports litigation including complex anti-trust actions, personal injury, contracts, torts and a myriad of threats of lawsuits regarding the same. Litigation in the sports universe is not entirely dissimilar to that of the rest of the business realm, but it demands an experienced understanding of the predictable attention, both in the courtroom and outside, to which is paid sports related litigation. The Firm has that experience and delivers the same to its clients.


The Firm has extensive experience with and is able to deliver for timely and opinion shaping communication. Whether related to unexpected negative events, litigation, news events, adverse press or any number of PR issues, both internal and external, the Firm can help in a quick and meaningful manner.